The New Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo is here!

The JMZ has been rebuilt thanks to a $15 million matching grant from the Peery Foundation and $10 million in private donations from local donors. This milestone comes after more than a decade of planning, fundraising, and construction. We are very grateful to all of our supporters and donors who helped to make the new Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo a reality.

A young boy hugs a tortoise's brown shell who is eating an orange carrot.

How has the JMZ Improved?

Every year approximately 180,000 people visit the Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo, and the JMZ’s educators teach more than 19,000 local students in classrooms, science camps and field trips. Built in 1941, the old Junior Museum & Zoo building had become inadequate for the extensive early-education science programming that the JMZ provides both on-site and in local elementary schools.Two young girls talk inside of a brown tunnel in the zoo.

The new Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo includes state-of-the-art exhibits and animal enclosures, improved facilities, and is accessible for visitors of all abilities. The JMZ has been modernized while retaining the kid-friendly and intimate qualities of the old facility, providing even more unique, educational experiences that are invaluable to children.

The new Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo has:

  • Better visitor amenities and experiences, including a dedicated safe area for bus drop-off, special entrance for school groups, and modern bathrooms.
  • More STEM and biosciences education, and a teachers’ lesson planning.
  • Expanded programming for economically disadvantaged schools.
  • Improved facilities and programs for children with physical and developmental differences.
  • Hands-on STEM exhibits and improved animal enclosures that increase a childs’ connection to science and the natural world.

Project Timeline

1941     JMZ is built
2012     Concept design involving CAW Architects, Portico Design Group, staff and public
2013     Campaign Launch: Strategic Plan and Business Plan completed
2014     Secure Seed Funding and Establish Advisory Council
2015     Fund Development and Negotiated Agreement with City of Palo Alto
2018     JMZ temporarily moves to Cubberley Community Center; Construction begins
2021     Reopening of the new JMZ

“The JMZ has demonstrated a consistent commitment to teaching high-quality, hands- on science to generations of children from the Mid-Peninsula – regardless of their economic background – that is transformational in their early education experience. Teachers from East Palo Alto and Palo Alto love these programs in their classrooms, and the children love the JMZ teachers. We are honored to partner with the Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo to ensure that it can bring science alive for future generations, as it has done so effectively in the past.” — Dave Peery, Managing Director, Peery Foundation

Donors to the $25 million JMZ Initiative

Meredith Ackley and Salvatierra Sisters
Acton Family Giving
Kurt Adzema and Rayme Waters
Carolyn Amster
Melissa Anderson and Howard Look
Lauren and Michael Angelo
Anonymous (6)
Deborah Bailey
The Baker Family
The Baldwin Family
Jeff and Jamie Barnett
Clay and Kelly Bavor
Krishna Bharat and Kavita Thirumalai
Sam Bhaumik
Annette Bialson and Gary Sharron
Jennifer, Aurélie, and Anaïs Bienaimé
Mathew Bigge
Robert Bridger and Wendy Dransfield
The Brin Wojcicki Foundation
John and Susan Cala
Brian and Jennifer Carlstrom
Shawn and Jennifer Carolan
Hui (Debra) Cen
Andrea Cervenka and Shai Friedland
Mathew Chagan
John and Ashley Chambers
Sandra and Harry Cheung
Carmen M. Christensen (1913-2010)
Terry and Anne Clark
Denis and Aletha Coleman
David and Trish Collins
John and Caroline Cote
The Mark Crady and Lucy Stapleton Fund
Bill and Tammy Crown
Robyn Crumley
John and Allison Marston Danner Family Fund
Ben Davenport and Lucy Zhang
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Mark DeLaurentis and Jackie Turner
Janice Dingler
Phyllis and Bill Draper
The Dave and Cheryl Duffield Fund
Jennifer and Len Dulski
The Elkes Foundation
Steve and Patricia Emslie
Robin and Basil Enan
Tom Evans
Spencer and Stephanie Ewing
Abe Farag and Claudia Truesdall
Flora Family Foundation
The Frahn Family
Stephanie and Ryan Frick
Carol C. and Joel P. Friedman, MD
Marcel and Elisabeth Gani
Jamie and Bryson Gardner Family
The Gawley Family
Max and Nadia Gazor
Jeanne Giaccia
Patrick and Sarah Gibbs
Matt Glickman and Susie Hwang
Leslie Goldman
Claire Goldsmith, in honor of Kelly Bavor
Michael and Loren Gordon
Paul and Colleen Gormley
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gracon, in honor of Leannah Hunt
Tim Guarnieri
Tim and Hilary Gudgel
Alison Hagan
Eric and Elaine Hahn
David Hanabusa
Dr. Harry and Susan Hartzell
Andrea and Ryan Helft
Lisa and Dana Hendrickson
Linda Henigin
Marah and Jonathan Herbach
Harry Hirschman
Tyler and Sharon Hoffman
Ilse Hopkins
Marv and Collette Hopkins
Paul and Melissa Hopkins
Gary Hornbeek and Susan Miller Hornbeek
Huang Pacific Foundation
Brette and Drew Hudacek
Leannah Hunt
Shellan and Robert Isackson
Kingsley Jack
John and Marcia Goldman Foundation
Pitch and Cathie Johnson
Amy and Glen Kacher
Doug Kalish and Donna Bohling
Oshri Kaplan
KC Family Foundation
Chop and Annette Keenan
David and Maureen Kennedy
The Kepner Family
The Kinsky Family
Jon and Karin Kissane
Frank and Trinity Klein with Asian Box
Mariela Kleiner
Josh and Juliet Knowles
Judy Koch
Marshall and Heather Koch
Andrew Krowne
Maya Kumar and Ross Metzger
Ronald Kundich
Cheryl Lathrop and Bern Beecham
The Laurel Foundation
Peter Levin and Lisa Voge-Levin
Paul and Susie Levine
Bruce Lewenstein
Marion Lewenstein
Jacques M. Littlefield Foundation
Richard and Suzanne Liu
Susan and Phillip Lorson
The Ludwick Family
Yvette Ma
Mario Family Foundation
David Markowitz
Marissa Mayer and Zachary Bogue
Walter and Mary McCullough
Courtney Meehan
Bob Meltzer in memory of Betty Meltzer
Ed and Shirlee Miller
Philip and Katy Miller
David and Lynn Mitchell
Moore Family Foundation
Elizabeth and Mark Moragne
Morgan Family Foundation
Elizabeth Morgenthaler
Glen Murphy and Lauren Ely
Merrill and Alicia Newman
Kristin and Peter Norvig, Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Mary Obelnicki and Craig Silverstein
Bryn and Barbara Ostby
Peery Foundation
Patricia Phillips
The Phumbhra Living Trust
Allen and Janet Podell
Kendra and Erik Ragatz
The Rakowski Family
Tim Ranzetta and Katherine Eslao
Allyssa Rapp
Chase Rapp
The Rathmann Family Foundation
Ashray Reddy
Steve and Missy Reller
William Reller
Jake and Robin Reynolds
Michelle Richmond
Craig Ritchey
Roger P. Roberts and Ariel Balter
Matt and Laurel Robinson
Susan Rosenberg
Eric Rosenblum and Titi Liu
Peter and Beth Rosenthal
Rotary Club of Palo Alto
Jane Rytina and Jonathan Chadwick
Kelly Sallin
Greg and Sarah Sands
Sereno Group
Katie Shade
Daniel Shader and Lissa Dutton
Jessamyn and Ali Shams-Lau
Mark and Nancy Shepherd
County Supervisor Joe Simitian and Mary Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Sinton
Chris Skarakis
Ben Smith, Diane Tang and Family
Jennifer Smith and Stephen Borota
Paula and Stephen Smith
Roger Smith and Judy Kay
Jeff and Jeanese Snyder
Julia and Robert Soderbery
Pamela and Mike Steil
Madeline and Isaac Stein
Peter Stewart
The Stitt Family
Dale Stuart and Barbara Gordon
Jason Sydow
Scott and Shelly Taylor
Everley Tejamo
Alex and Nadine Terman
Thelma Doelger Trust for Animals
Jeffrey Thomas
Carl and Susan Thomsen
Simon and Shamim Tong
Zach and Marisol Trailer
The Tsern Foundation
Mike and Ellen Turbow
Joe and Sarah Vaccaro
Virginia and Peter Van Kuran
Don and Anne Vermeil
Rob and Melissa Wagner
Rick and Mara Wallace
David and Malin Walrod
Michele and Ted Wang
Adam Weiss and Lydia Callaghan
Jaime and Elizabeth Wong
Yellow Chair Foundation
Jack Young
Linton and Kisa Young
Andrew and Flora Zee

Employee Matching Programs

Adobe Systems
Google, Inc.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Varian Medical Systems

In Kind

Asian Box
Clay and Kelly Bavor
Cannonball Wine
City of Palo Alto
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati