Topics: Life Science, Biomes, Wood; lessons can include meeting the JMZ’s animals, learning the scientific method, building paper bridges to discover paper’s strength, and more.

First Grade:
Topics: Organisms, Air and Weather, Solids and Liquids; lessons include learning about animal survival skills, testing wind speed with an anemometer, building a terrarium, and more.

Second Grade:
Topics: Insects, Pebbles, Sand and Silt, Balance and Motion; lessons include observing insect specimens, creating a fossil cast, making a balance toy to discover the center of gravity, and more.

Third Grade:
Topics: Adaptations, Sun, Moon & Stars, Energy and Matter; lessons include drawing Baylands plants, birds and fish, using a telescope for daytime observations, going inside the STARLAB – a portable planetarium, and more.

Fourth Grade:
Topics: Environments and Animal Studies, Earth Science, Electricity; lessons include performing a squid dissection, identifying minerals, constructing an electric car, and more.

Fifth Grade:
Topics: Human Body, Water Planet, Mixtures and Solutions; lessons include using a microscope to study human cells, dissecting a cow’s eye, learning about water and pollution, conducting experiments to observe endo-and exo- thermic reactions, and more.